Alessandra Ambrosio’s gym bag & post workout snacks

Find out what’s in Alessandra Ambrosio’s pilates gym bag and her favorite post workout snacks

       - In her bag: I carry little toe socks with me, because I do Pilates.  Also, maybe sunblock and a hat, in case I want to exercise outdoors.  Plenty of water to keep hydrated— I can’t function without water, especially when I’m exercising. And lastly, a good lip balm.

Post-Workout Snack: I’ll have nuts, like almonds, or just some fresh fruit, like an apple.  And I love coconut water and fresh green juices with cucumber, ginger, lime and lemon. Very Refreshing!
     - On Her iPod: I love rock, so I’ve been listening to a lot of the Arctic Monkeys and Arcade Fire.  My good friend Ed Freeman is also a DJ, and he has an amazing playlist on Soundcloud!  I’ll go there and download the latest playlist— it’s a great two-hour mix of rock, a little electronic and Lana Del Ray.

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