Model Approved: Kat Blink precious stones

What’s on your wish list for 2013? Maybe you should add a precious stone this year by the hip Greek jewelry label KatBlink!  It combines spirituality with fashion
   Kat Blink Jewels , has a big clientele of models and celebrities. Top models and A-list celebrities in Hollywood who lead a spiritual life wear them as a protection from bad energy

Model Dree Hemingway wearing precious stones
“The most important property of crystals is that it transforms negative energy into positive.”
A lot of models believe in the power of the precious stones. Abbey Lee Kershaw is one of them
Abbey loves wearing the”magic” stone in bullet style

The bullet style by KatBlinkJewels

So vibrant stones you want to eat them all!
Another look of Abbey wearing a mix of precious stones to balance body and mind
“The crystals have helped people understand that not only the body but also the mind have to be interrelated, otherwise they cannot be accomplished as human”
According to Kat from Kat Blink Jewels : You can mix and match them, the perfect “cure” to your issues
“Many physical illnesses are caused by emotional blockages, which if treated correctly and cured the body in sequel will be cured as well.”
And you can never have enough of Kat Blink Jewels
As a charm, it offers great protection from any negative energy around.
Kat Blink Jewels as seen in Elle Greece Mag December issue 2012
 You can also wear Kat Blink Jewels as a bracelet
“When we attain energy and balance between body and soul, we experience tranquility, serenity and connection with our inner world.”
For more info you about Kat Blink Jewels can visit the website
They are available to the following shops:
 POP UP STORE, Patriarchou Ioakim, Kolonaki, Phone no.: 210- 7238981 
Simple Caractere: The  Μall , Phone no.: 210-6197944