Model Approved: My visit to Neal’s Yard in Athens

My visit to Neal’s Yard in Athens

After watching the fashion shows I decided that i needed a glowing face! As I’m a big fan of holistic treatments i made an appointment at Neal’s Yard in Athens. Neal’s Yard Remedies, are driven by the passionate belief that health and beauty shoud be more natural and less synthetic. I found organic remedies about the face, the body. A great selection of aromatherapy, candles, amazing smells everywhere!!!!

Before heading to the beauty cabin i was treated with uplifting organic ice tea! Mmm yummy i’m in heaven! The smell of the tea is amazing!

And now ….in the beauty cabin i was treated like a supermodel!I had a herbal and flower treatment/remedy with ingredients of white tea, roses full of amazing smells. The room was smelling so nice, i wanted to take a nap!.All the Neal’s Yard  products are organic products that were use on my face are of high quality , natural and wild, plant-based ingredients with a view to safety, efficacy and biodegradability.My favorite product is the white tea enriching facial mask for healthy glowing skin

Bring a sense of calm, balance or energy to your home with our beautiful handmade Candles, Reed Diffusers and Room Sprays. Each one is infused with a blend of 100% natural and organic essential oils.

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