Model Approved: Sparkle and Shine Nails Inc Couture

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Sparkle and Shine with Couture Nails Inc

Here’s what i found out today and I couldn’t but share it with you! I caught sight of Couture Nails Inc fab idea.The concept puts you in complete control of your polish, giving you the power to choose every last detail. Choose a colour, cap style, name for the polish and what stickers appear on the box to create a truly individual nail polish. The list of possible combinations is practically endless!

Do you want a glitzy diamante cap? An edgy studded version or a sleek, chic silver? Once you’ve chosen your lid you have the daunting task of choosing from over 70 shades. And now the really fun part – you get to name your polish. Finally you get to choose the box design in which your polish is delivered complete with a black bow.
 It is perfect to give as a gift as it is highly customisable
And the fun begins here! Create your own bespoke polish!
Leave your comments and share your bespoke polish

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