Model Approved: Vicky Kagia is the face of the new brand Zeus+Dione

Supermodel Vicky Kagia is the face of the new Greek brand Zeus+Dione

Zeus+Dione is a new Greek brand created by the beloved friends of the supermodel Dimitra Kolotoura and Mareva Grabowski

“A brand of handcrafted items sourced by Greek makers with a long tradition in their craft“  according to Vicky’s notes

About the brand:
  Zeus + Dione is the brainchild of two friends, a marketeer and a financier with equal passion for fashion and Greece! Sharing common attributes, aesthetics and values, Dimitra Kolotoura and Mareva Grabowski joined forces to focus on creating a brand of handcrafted items with vision to bring forth and support authentic artistic creation and craftsmanship from around the country. Both established in their fields, within and beyond Greek borders, they decided to deep their toes into a new field that has not been explored at that level before
 The brand’s name is inspired by ancient Greek mythology. According to Homer, Zeus, the king of Olympians, and Dione, the Mother Goddess, were parents to the most beautiful creature on earth: Aphrodite. Celebrated across ancient Greece in the Aphrodisia festival, the goddess of love, lust and fertility had many lovers, mortals and immortals. Throughout the centuries, Aphrodite has been depicted or referred to as an adult; nubile and infinitely desirable! A symbol of abiding beauty, she has always been associated with elegant creatures and elements of  nature: doves, swans,pomegranates, apples, myrtle, rose trees, lime trees, but mostly the sea,dolphins, clams, scallop shells and pearls – just like in Botticelli’s eternal masterpiece! Legend has it that Aphrodite possessed a magic girdle, which had the power of inspiring love and desire to those who wore it. And this is exactly the aim of Zeus + Dione …

Fashion Workshop transformed into a studio for the lookbook of the premium Greek brand Zeus+Dione
and the backstage fun begins

Vicky Kagia with the top make up artist Vanessa Koutsopodiotou

 Dada Ioannidou and Genevieve
My favorite looks from the look book



The Jewelry

The Sandals

If you are in Paris during Paris Fashion Week, you can visit their first presentation of the SS13 collection: Friday 28th September, from 11am till 7pm at 1 Rue de Beaune and Quai Voltaire Saint Germain, Paris.
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