Model Approved: 24hrs with model Andormahi Rapti in Athens

24 hrs of the Greek model Andromahi Rapti (Ace Models) in Athens
Morning beauty
“When I wake up I always wear something cosy and comfy”
Top IRO, Zilly. Men shirt Marc by Marc Jacobs,Marc by Marc Jacobs boutique.Pendants myi4d by Alexandra Koumba. (
“Before hitting the castings a cup of greek coffee is a must for a kick start”
On my way to the castings
“I always wear black and no make up at the castings. Models have to be super natural!”
Dress IRO, Zilly. Doc Martens her own. Handbag Marc by Marc Jacobs,Marc by Marc Jacobs boutique.
It’s fitting time

“When I am meeting with a desinger  I always stike a pose! The designers want to check how the outfits would look best in their lookbook, at an editorial  fashion story or even at an advertising campaign”

It’s lunch time, meeting with my booker at my agency (Ace Models)

“Time to meet up with my booker to review any new castings calls or new jobs. My off duty outfit is relaxed and cool.”
T-shirt Zadig & Voltaire, Attica.Shorts Diane von Furstenberg, Dvf boutique. Slippers Ralph Lauren, Kalogirou. Handbag Marc by Marc Jacobs,Marc by Marc Jacobs boutique, Sunglasses her own

 ”Standing in from of my card!Here’s how the model cards are displayed in my agency (Ace Models)”

Cocktails with my friends

“After a hectic day, it’s time to catch up with my friends for a cocktail. When I am going out I love to mix prints and wear vivid colours. I am obsessed with colourful scarves”
Shirt IRO, Zilly. Scarf and pants Diane von Furstenberg, Dvf boutique, Gold bracelet myi4d by Alexandra Koumba. (


Model:Andromahi Rapti (Ace Models)
Photographer: Dimitris Drystellas
Styling: Natalia Balta
Concept & Art Direction: Eva Papageorgiou