Model Approved:Angela Lindvall diary

Check out supermodel’s Angela Livdvall personal post regarding her inspiration for her next jewelry collection  Angela by John Hardy

“I’ve just arrived in Thailand with my two boys to get inspiration for my next collection.  There is so much culture and texture here!  Between the elaborate architecture of the temples and the bustling street markets,  there is so much to take in.  The best part of it is seeing the way my boys react to the people, the food, and the customs.  It’s such a delight to discover new worlds with them!  We plan on going to the heritage house, the rose garden, a lotus farm, the golden temple, the floating market, and try to make some local hand crafts.  There is so much to get inspiration from!

I love riding around in the colorful little buggies called tuk tuks.
The people here amaze me with their hospitality and constant smiles.  Sebastian can’t quite understand why all the Thai people want to touch him. He’s so cute with his blonde hair and big blue eyes that the people find him exotic!  We, on the other hand, find every little treasure here exotic.
We’ll be filming our visit this time around so we can share our experiences with you and immerse you in the world that I’m getting my inspiration from. Once I’ve found the right feel and direction, I will work with the John Hardy artisans to bring all these treasures to life in beautiful pieces of jewelry for you to collect and enjoy. “
With Love and Light,
Angela Lindvall
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