Model Approved:My collaboration with MODELLIST-ID

I am very excited to announce my collaboriation with  Modellist-id the ultimate website which is based on a community of Fashion Models, all of them working for well respected Model Agency’s world wide. Modellist-id is created by Celine Prins to raise awareness, unity and trust within the Fashion Model Industry. This idea has been further developed together with partners Valerie van Lanschot and Elly van Zutphen. Modellist-id aims to build social capital by providing a variety of on-line and off-line services dedicated to enhancing the over-all experience of life as a model.

The website consists of two parts; a public part and a part with a private access for members of the Modellist-id Fashion Model community where they can share on-line and off-line information.

 What’s inside for the Fashion Model community member of Modellist-id?
 Modellist-id makes getting help a breeze on all sorts of subjects related to a fashion model’s life by letting members recommend their findings to the rest of the community on their own private website. Not only do you get the contacts you need, but also first hand information on how it went for others.
You can find your community friends on our geo-locator, chat with friends within the community and you can create your own portfolio. Modellist-id provides personal, social and substantial information to professional fashion models.

You can share what you want to share with the visitors of the public website and you will be rewarded for all you efforts by special offers and discounts.

What’s in it for the visitor of Modellist-id?
 Modellist-id offers insider recommendation to the trendiest locations in major cities around the world and information on the latest fashion, beauty and other lifestyle subjects. Modellist-id greatest asset are its members: professional fashion models represented by established agencies worldwide. A substantial part of the articles is based on recommendations made by these members. They share their passions with the visitors of Modellist-id, by means of interviews, reviews, chats, E-marketing, photo & video albums. Modellist-id offers its consumers and advertisers a networking environment providing a variety of on-line services.  It is the ultimate guide to what’s hot and what’s not.
The website Modellist-id is the place to be: it is the most informative and inspirational meeting place for fashion, beauty, travel, food, health and trendy places to go. The mission is to create on-line information, networking and E-marketing services to the visitors.

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