Model Approved:Smells Coconut love

Smells Coconut love
Honore des Pres the French Ecological Perfumes 100% natural
I love anything that smells like vanilla or coconut! They are my favorite scents. However, this coconut is not the usual warm scent that is coconut – Love Coconut has a tangy, sharp open note of coriander which I thought was really different, but liked very much. (I suppose if it just smelled like the ‘usual’ coconut, anyone can get it anywhere and this scent wouldn’t be special!) Other notes include milk coconut, white cedar, and my other favorite scent, vanilla.
Who’s behind the new organic fragrance range?

Olivia Giacobetti is one of a few rare specialized independent perfumers, working from her own studio. If you are a fragrance connoisseur, you may know some of her other famous creations, like Hiris for Guerlain, or the many fragrances she has created for L’Artisan Parfumeur and Dyptique.

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