6 Summer to Fall transition tips you need to know now


While it’s not the time where you go all ready and prepped up for fall, the summer heat has calmed down a bit, but the chilly autumn and winter are still just there around the corner, still not here in full swing. Summer was all cool, comfy, and casual and skin baring with the crop tops, distressed jeans, high waisted shorts, sneakers and summer’s most favorite-the stripes. The summers had us all enchanted with the chic and comfy fashion trends, turning every girl’s wardrobe into that of a style diva. But we know all you divas out there have invested a lot in your summer wears and we say don’t pack and take them to fall.

Here are 6 useful transition tricks that will save you some money and will let you keep your beloved summer wear in fall as well.

1. Distressed black denim:transitional-clothing-denim-distressd-blogger-style

When it comes to denims, they have always been our best bottom friends but this summer was all about distressed denims. We kept it a bit rough yet comfy this summer and we have decided to wear them in fall. Denim itself has a warm feeling so you just need to add a pull over sweater on top or a shirt with a jacket. If you like to keep things more warm and cozy on the feet, wear a pair of leather ankle boots. Black distressed denim is the new hot for fall and you can rock it with your leather jackets and tops from summer.

2. Stripes:




Just who doesn’t love stripes? Yes, we all do and we all were gaga over the stripes in summer and so we thought why not a striped fall? Wearing the stripes naturally makes you stylish, wear a striped pull over sweater with your skinnies or straight pants and slip-ons. If you have striped t shirt dress from your summer collection, you can layer it with a warm and cozy jacket and turn some heat on with ankle boots.

You can also wear a full sleeve striped shirt with a denim overall and get a laid back transition look with the same shirt you’ve happily worn in summer.

3. Slip on Sneakers:transitional-clothing-slipon-sneakers-blogger-style

We are taking the comfy vibe from summer to fall in a pair of sneaker slip-ons. There are times, when you want to keep it comfortable and easy with the shoes and for such times there are slip-ons. You can wear these with your favorite top, jacket and high waited denims or you can pair them with any of your everyday looks. We say, comfy is the new sexy.

4. Denim Shorts



Everyone is wearing high waisted shorts these days and we all loved this shorts trend. While, it is still not too cold to cover your legs completely, you can wear your high waisted shorts and transition with style.

Slip into your high waisted denim shorts and wear a dark colored shirt, layer it with a coat add a little extra with a panama hat. You can also keep it warmer with a knitted pull over sweater, your sexy high waisted shorts, a fringe bag and leather knee high boot and to add more of that country girl charm you can add a cowboy hat.

5Calvin Klein Sweatshirt


Keeping in my mind that it is still not fall, you can take out your CK sweatshirts and pair them with your favorite summer bottom. You can layer your sweatshirt with high waited shorts or your skinnies and a scarf, or a hat. While maintaining the comfortable feel you can pair some fabulous sneakers.

6. Tennis Shoes



Wearing sportswear like the latest fashion trend was all over runways this spring/summer. You can wear this trend in winters too, by taking out your tennis shoes and wearing them with your favorite transition outfits. The tennis shoe is a lighter and more comfortable substitute to many of your shoes and they are ultimately street style perfect.

With these stylish transition tricks, you can still take summer to fall. Have fun transitioning and look fabulous.

Sarah Juzar is a content writer for Sophie & Trey, an online clothing store for women. Serving its customers with best quality dresses, shoes, jewelry and other women’s accessories. Like us on Facebook to stay updated with our latest deals and sales.