Beauty Express: How to get a red carpet glow in 10 minutes

 My new beauty obsession that I use before my photo shoots is Hollywood’s best kept secret- a miracle mud mask that vacuums out the dirt and bacteria clogging pores, instantaneously leaving me with glowing skin.
GLAMGLOW  is a super-advanced, super-natural mud mask specifically designed for Hollywood’s entertainment, music, fashion and award industries, to ensure celebrities with camera-ready soft, glowing skin. 

Glam Glow ‘s super powers lie in its combination of ingredients including glycolic and mandelic acid, which cleans and minimizes pores, and fight signs of aging  while improving skin’s texture and pigmentation.
Fresh ingredients like volcanic pumice rock and French sea clay, joined by the soothing scent of eucalyptus leaf give this mask a luxurious day-at-the-spa feel. Apply a thin layer to clean skin (or specific problem areas), let dry and rinse off, and you’re just ten minutes away from attaining a red carpet worthy glow.

After applying the mask my skin felt softer, like baby’s skin. There was plumpness on my skin and an incredibly healthy glow that lasted 3 days!
Available at Sephora