“Coachella Diet”: the new on trend workout for that supermodel festival-ready body

coachella diet, free people, style, coachella style, best stree style. blog, top fashion blogger,   Women have been cutting carbs and ramping up their workouts for weddings and beach vacations since forever. Now, some are trying to lose weight for an entirely different occasion—Coachella. The massive California festival, which takes place this year on the second and third weekends of April, was created as a freewheeling celebration of music and art. But in recent years, it’s become a hot-weather Fashion Week of sorts—marked by boho chic, hippie-inspired looks (instead of Balenciaga and Burberry) that are intended to be worn in the sweltering desert heat. Crop tops, short shorts, and over-sized sunglasses are practically mandatory as seen on festival supermodel regulars Alessandra Ambrosio and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley. rosie huntington-whiteley, coachella, boho chic, denim cut offs, top blog, best street style blog, look-rosie-coachella-claudinha-stoco-1 There’s so much competition style-wise now and the number of Coachella virgins increases every year, and, if anything, they’re really into the image aspect, hence, the arrival of the “Coachella Diet.” Fitness gurus Kirsten Potenza and Cristina Peerenboom spoke to health and diet site Well and Good about their ‘Cut by Coachella’30-day workout plan. coachell diet, kirsten potenza, cristina peerenboom, supermodel diet, best women blog, detox, Cut by Coachella,” is a 30-day competition that includes a workout calendar and prizes for participants. But Peerenboom says they’re careful to not “focus overtly on weight loss,” and Potenza characterizes their program as being centered on the “effort and exhilaration of each workout” rather than a “body-centric weigh-in mentality.” Rae says that while she believes veteran Coachella attendees are more about celebrating than judging, she does tend to do a little physical prep. “I don’t change my diet as much as I exercise more before it,” she says. “I’ll do more yoga, SoulCycle, and Physique 57 classes. I step up on the late nights of dancing to get in the practice, too.” Coachelladiet has also its own Twitter handle, which tweets questions like “Anyone know how many calories are in this Molly?” and “Just purchased size 0 jean shorts, a teeny bikini & an Indian headdress. Just need to fit in any of this by Friday.” Apparently Coachella diet is a thing Shop supermodels’ favorite slim products