Delicate Work: How to Take Care of Your Underwear


In order for us to stay healthy and look good, we do our best to take care of ourselves: we eat clean and drink a lot of water, we work out, moisturize our skin and visit hairdresser regularly. Often, efforts pay off and so we see notice that our skin glows and our bodies stay in shape. Similarly, if you take some time and take proper care of your underwear, it will last much longer and look beautiful too. In the following lines, we will give you a few tips and tricks which will help you take good care of your lingerie.

What it’s made of

Your lingerie will usually be made of something less common than plain cotton, for many reasons. Even though cotton underwear is also very popular and comfortable, most women usually have a special set or two which they wear when they want to feel and look exceptionally good. Combinations of nylon, polyester, cotton, lace, and silk are very common, and in addition, there are often some sort of delicate decorations on it – little buttons, beads, and ribbons, which make it more difficult to wash and dry.

What you should know before washing your underwear

The best thing you can do is carefully read the label: manufacturers stare clearly if there is anything you should avoid doing with your underwear. In case you are not sure how to properly clean it, you can easily look for some advice online since many manufacturers put care instructions on their websites. No matter if it’s written in plain English or shown through symbols, make sure you know the best water temperature and whether or not you should use bleach. If there are any stains which need extra attention, soak the pieces into water and treat the areas with some detergent before you wash them.

The best way to protect underwear while washing it

Always separate your underwear by colours, and make sure to use gentle washing powder. If you have doubts whether to machine-wash something or not, it’s usually best if you hand-wash it yourself; that way you will be sure that nothing will be damaged. However, if you don’t have time, it is possible to machine-wash it if you take some precautions first. Pieces made of gentle materials such as corsets, bustiers, nylons, and beach kaftans demand special care, and if you choose to machine-wash them, we recommend you use fine-mesh bags or old pillowcases to protect them.


As tempting as it can be to place everything in the dryer and get it over with, resist the urge and be a bit more patient. After your underwear is washed, roll them up in an old towel to remove excess water, and just let them dry naturally. Do not twist them and never leave them on the radiator; twisting will change their shape and heat will deteriorate elastic.

A simple conclusion can be reached – if you pay attention to something and take good care of it, it will last longer; no matter if we are talking about objects, bodies or underwear. The more fragile and delicate, the more gentle and careful you should be.

Written by Kelly Brook