Bikini season is on! Everyone is trying to get that flawless beach body. But sometimes we don’t know where to start-I found this really inspiring post on Modell-id written by model Jill De Jong which I want to share it with you guys who are trying  really hard to challenge your body this season. Hope it will get you going!

“Three weeks ago I felt tired and uninspired after spending days working behind my computer. I came across the Jillian Michaels “Body Revolution” DVD and decided I was going to do a 30 day fitness challenge. Not knowing what I signed myself up for..

The first five days were awful, the exercises were hardcore..during the workout I felt nauseous, short of breath and light headed. I had to stop the DVD many times to get through the 30 minute workout. And boy I was sore, I felt every muscle in my body.. Sound like something you want to do right? Nope but hold on.. keep reading

When I dragged myself through the first week ( 5 day work out 2 days recovery) I noticed that my abs and obliques were starting to show.  A two-pack and some sexy lines… I was surprised to see results this quickly. . I felt motivated to start the second week.. I wanted to give more, push harder and eat better.. so I did.


I’ve never been a fan of push ups and burpees, simply because they are so hard to do..  Even though my arm are strong  I always feel like I collapse like a heavy bag of potatoes…  I should say “I felt” because that’s now the past!

I just finished week three and I’m stronger than ever before! The push ups and burpees are no problem anymore. Not only because my arms are  stronger but especially because my core is on fire! It makes a HUGE difference; I went to my yoga class this morning and did a  push up before every Vinyasa, just for the fun of it haha.

Needless to say I’m really excited about this and wanted to share, maybe it encourages you to take on a challenge like this. It’s worth to invest 30 minutes a day to feel and look great!

P.S: Do you wonder why I pose with a can of beans in my hand? Yes beans are great fat-burning food but this time around I used the can as a dumbbell ;)


Jill ”

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