Have a niche day! Beauty services in a doll house at Kifissia

niche_beauty_services_kifissia_modelapprovedblog_greeceΤο Niche είναι ένας μοναδικός, all-in-one χώρος ομορφιάς στην καρδιά της Κηφισιάς – τα χρώματα και η διακόσμηση  με ταξίδεψαν στα Hamptons. Το κουκλίστικο Niche δημιουργήθηκε από την ιδέα ότι όλη η διαδικασία ενός manicure και pedicure θα πρέπει να είναι απόλυτα υπέροχη! Καθίστε αναπαυτικά στην πολυθρόνα, πάρτε το τσάι σας σε design κούπες, απολαύστε λαχταριστά maccaron απολαύστε τις υπηρεσίες ομορφιάς και αισθανθείτε σαν στο σπίτι σας! — Επίσης χαζέψτε πολλά Ελληνικά προϊόντα για το πρόσωπο και το σώμα, και κεριά που μυρίζουν υπέροχα. Τρελάθηκα με τα τσαντάκια για την θάλασσα με φοβερά prints.

Niche is an all in one beauty spot in the center of Kifissia- although the colours and the decoration made me feel like being in Hamptons! The idea behind Niche is to feel at home. Sit back,  relax and enjoy the whole experience of mani and pedi drinking a cup of tea (in designer mug!) with the company of delicious maccarons. Take a look at the Greek products for the face and body as well as candles that smell like heaven. I really love the mini beach bags for the beach with amazing prints.

niche_beauty_services_kifissia_modelapprovedblog_greeceThe whole Pedicure experience, feels like home


niche_beauty_services_kifissia_modelapprovedblog_greeceHaving coffee in boho chic mug

niche_beauty_services_kifissia_modelapprovedblog_greeceDelicious bits and pieces while taking a look at sunscreens and body creamsniche_beauty_services_kifissia_modelapprovedblog_greeceThis bag fits everything I need for the beach

niche_beauty_services_kifissia_modelapprovedblog_greeceHere some more designs of the bags which are made in Greeceniche_beauty_services_kifissia_modelapprovedblog_greeceThese candles and creams which are made in Greece smell like heavenniche_beauty_services_kifissia_modelapprovedblog_greeceMatch your pedi colour with cutie leather sandals also made in Greece
niche_beauty_services_kifissia_modelapprovedblog_greeceA quick hair and make up fix and I’m ready for the dayniche_beauty_services_kifissia_modelapprovedblog_greece

Don’t forget to pick Balmi for hydratated lips – must-have in the summer bag- So delicious in coconut, strawberry and mint


After having an amazing mani, pedi, hair and make up and shopping summer essentials for face and body by up and coming Greek brands, I’m definetely gonna have a Niche day!

Niche Beauty Services : Kolokotroni 4, Kifissia, 210.6232240