How to Have Beautiful Skin in the Winter



It is troublesome to spend so much time choosing the right winter wardrobe and looking forward to the cold season, only to have your skin ruin it. Dry winter skin is tough, but you can deal with it in several good ways. This infographic from can help you decide what approach to take when you’re having trouble with your skin.

First things first, you have to take steps to stop your skin from drying out further. This means no more super hot showers, which washes away all your body’s natural moisture. The same goes for turning your heater way up, which reduces moisture in the air and pulls it from your skin too. Lastly, wear gloves so that cold wind doesn’t cause chapping, peeling, redness, cracking and other symptoms of dryness.

Other steps you can take include choosing an oil-based moisturizer instead of a water-based one for winter, exfoliating weekly to remove buildup, using mild cleansers and avoiding harsh soaps, and moisturizing your face, hands and body after every wash.

Also remember to wear your sun block, since constant cloud cover doesn’t mean the sun’s UV rays are gone. If you try all of these steps and notice no positive changes in your skin, you might want to see a dermatologist to decide on next steps.



By Chelsea Mason