Kylie’s Jenner fierce look at 2nd Diamond Ball

Quick Recap of Kylie Jenner’s Look at 2nd Annual Diamond Ball!

Alright, Kylie Jenner has inspired many girls to do better, and more often than not, paparazzi takes a chosen look at her oh-so-revealing outfits, but wait for a moment! At Rihanna’s Second Annual Diamond Ball, Kylie was just a vision to the eyes.

The Diamond Ball, which happened in Los Angeles on December 10, saw some of the best ladies, stars and celebs walking the red carpet, but the famed supermodel walked in the most amazing dress, kick starting the festive season in the most amazing way. Before anything else, let’s do mention that the Annual Diamond Ball benefits the Clara Lionel Foundation, and so yes, thumbs up to Rihanna for that. Now we shall take a deep look at Kylie’s outfit and how she blended the whole look together.


The great gown: One of the magnetic things about the white mermaid inspired gown was the vanilla colour, which is so rebellious for the winter. The gown was pretty accessorized too as it had cream satin ribbons, which were further added to give an illusion. Kylie Jenner is known to wow her critics every single time, but this time she let the body hugging dress do what it wants, because things were muted with the fanned train, which made the dress look oh-so-dramatic!


Matching with Rihanna? Well No! Alright many might be quick to note that Kylie’s outfit did have some similarity with Rihanna’s outfit, but honestly, I felt that the overall look of Kylie’s worked better. Rihanna’s dress was more of a satin finish in a golden hue, while Kylie’s gown had much more magnetic features. Also, her dress did accentuate her assets, but not in a very bold way, which is kind of amazing for the season and occasion in consideration.


Makeup and hair: Kylie also kind of kept the look very red-carpet style, but with a laid back attitude, so her makeup and hair wasn’t really over the top, but more muted. In fact, she kept her hair in voluminous locks, and the makeup was much like her own. As always, Kylie’s lips seem to do most of the talking, and we will probably have more beauty bloggers duping the look, mostly the lip colour, soon! Honestly, this is more like one of those looks that you would like to try, with a keen focus on amazing eye makeup, subtle face coverage and great lip shade. Honestly, Kylie’s has her own take on lip shades, which range between mocha, nudes, neutrals and pinks, and this time too, she has tried that. Click here to see some cream dresses and great winter outfits matching like Kylie’s.

Kylie was seen showing off her amazing gown with Justine Skye in pictures, while her oh-yes-oh-no boyfriend Tyga was also seen in the event.

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