Model Approved: Favourite jewelry designer of the top models

The favourite jewelry designer of the top models is Jacquie Aiche. In a world where fine jewelry is mass-produced, a young designer, Jacquie Aiche is creating quite a stir in the industry with her stunning, handcrafted designs.
Utilizing the highest quality materials; 18 and 14 karat gold and sterling silver, she adeptly blends precious and semi-precious gemstones; diamonds, rubies, emeralds and pink tourmalines with organic materials; such as minerals, rocks and fossils to create her unique pieces.   
“Jewelry is very personal, wearable art. It is intimate because it is close to a woman, caressing her skin. That is why my jewelry is organic and not mass produced. Each piece has an individual nature that must speak directly to the woman who wears it, capturing her unique mood and essence.
Jacquie attributes the distinctive nature of her designs to her upbringing. Raised in a family with two diverse cultural influences (her father is Egyptian and her mother is an American Indian), she often blends elements of the two. “From my Father I think I have come to love reworking ancient designs such as goddesses and amulets and hammered gold, integrating these forms with contrasting natural minerals and gemstones, turquoise and fossils which are all reminiscent of the Native American jewelry of my mother’s heritage. Then of course, there is that funky, whimsical element that is all my own.” 
Rosie Huntington-Whiteley is a big fun of  Jacquie Aiche
Rosie’s rings
 As seen on Rosie
Alessandra Ambrosio wearing the horn necklace
Alessandra Ambrosio wearing the Native American earrings
I also love the ” rocks and minerals”  line
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