Model Approved: Rosie Huntington Whiteley green tart recipe

Looking for a healthy glowing skin?
Rosie shares the recipe of her favorite and very easy to make green juice . 
Green tart

Model Approved: Rosie Huntington Whiteley- The secret to amazing skin

Burberry muse and Hollywood beauty Rosie Huntington-Whiteley shares her secret to her amazing skin

Rosie’s radiant skin at the Vanity Party, Oscars 2013

“I travel a lot for my job, so James ( her personal trainer) is always coming up with ways for me to stay in shape, like quick workouts and amazing supplements for when I’m staying in hotels or travelling between cities,” says Rosie. “From him, I’ve learnt that eating Clean & Lean is the most important thing I can do for my skin and body in the lead up to an important event. It’s so simple to get into shape, have more energy and glowing skin by eating the right food. Like most busy women, some days I have as little as 10 minutes a day to exercise.”
 ”James has taught me that looking your best comes from having good health. Health reflects in your skin, body and hair and gives you a natural glow,” says Rosie.
The main goal of the diet plan is to cut out the C.R.A.P. (caffeine, refined carbs, alcohol and processed foods). But on top of that, he recommends vitamins and food supplements to make us even leaner and more amazing.

“Take Beauty Food , a health supplement I originally created for my supermodel clients. It’s an all-natural daily elixir of super greens and marine collagen peptides, which is a fibrous protein that creates collagen and assists the deep repair of damaged skin. Rosie swears by it,” says James.

 An exclusive range is available on the SPACE.NK.apothecary website.

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