Model Approved:Iboya Training for models

After a brain-infarct, severe neck and back problems and a burnout Iboya developed the perfect basic for any goal or training…..
A unique combination of the newest top-sports training methods, the best of classical ballet techniques and here own developed method and exercises.
Out of the basic of this training she created the most specific effective training for (top) models in the world.
We present to you…. Iboya Triz former ballerina, now personal trainer and holistic health coach.

The training will give you the secrets to a beautiful toned, not to muscular body with slim, toned, long looking legs, flexible great posture, good balance core, functionality, muscle endurance, stamina and coordination of the body. The training is given by Iboya Triz former ballerina and now Personal trainer and holistic lifestyle coach.

The Iboya method: 
The secret of the Iboya method is “contraction of the opposite muscles”. The more you contract the opposite muscle the tougher it gets! The muscles get stretched-out when it wants to contract, because you contract the opposite muscle. Also, you will burn more calories because more muscles are contracting at the same time. Next to the primary muscles and the opposite muscles all the rest of the muscles are constantly contracted during the exercise, to maintain the right posture. This is a new and unique method invented by Iboya Triz. The muscle gets beautiful toned without having your muscles to expand as a bodybuilder.

 Posture and technique

Posture and technique
Is the most important feature of this training. Posture and technique are the basics of a specific model training.
The Waist: 
With the Iboya training technique models work on maintaining and achieving a thinner waist.
The Hips: 
The hips are measured around the bottoms and the hips, so it’s important to not build too much muscle on the bottoms. With the Iboya Technique you focus on training your bodies curve but still lose centimeters on your hips and bottoms.
The legs: The most important features of a great fashion model are her great, tall legs. The out and inside of the legs are trained flat, so from the front your legs look taller and skinnier.
The arms:Same as the legs, the arms are trained tight and toned as a ballerina. So you get those nice looking, long, thin arms you see on the catwalks.
The back: Instead of the major muscles that give you the “bodybuilders” body the small muscles are trained in your back. You will get a graceful toned upper-body.
The balance exercises will not only have you burn more calories, it helps you to get a better posture and will also give you a better coordination and stronger ankles to walk more gracefully on those high heels.
Short interval exercise:
The short high intensity interval exercises will not only burn many calories in the trainings, also the day after, when your body is resting. During this short intensive interval exercise, you are also training several muscle groups at the same time.
 The stretch exercises before and after the training are very important to keep the muscles long and to burn more calories the day after the training!

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