One Monster Tip for a Super Model Body Without a Tight Diet

Today I wanted to share with you a guest post from a friend of mine JC Cavanaugh. He trains aspiring models on how to make it in the modeling industry.
Today he took the time to share with us a great weight loss tip that is the rage amongst supermodels. I hope you enjoy

If you are like many then you have tried several popular diets and experienced results but they were short lived as diets are simply no fun at all.

Top models are constantly meeting with agents, stylists and other business contacts for lunch and dinner meetings. This is part of the job and make eating a clean diet quite a challenge.
With dining out at scrumptious restaurants comes calories and weight gain. Although this weight gain can be a convenient excuse for buying additional wardrobe items, when you are paid to look your best sacrifices must be made.
Becoming a model   is not as easy as many seem to think. There are tons of sacrifices to be made in order to make it to the top. A toned body is a must unless you are a plus sized model.
I am about to share with you one monster tip for a super model body without sacrificing your social life and enjoyable fun filled evenings on the town.
There are 3 ways to lose weight:
1) Dieting
2) Cardiovascular training
3) Both
There is certainly no rocket science above but when socializing is an important part of your life, there is only one place you can make sacrifice. That is by doing an intense calorie melting cardiovascular work out.
The top fat melting work out that has helped many super models tighten up is spinning.
Spinning is the use of a stationary bike with varying tension levels. The bike tracks your progress to  keep track of your success and keep you motivated.
The amount of calories expended during a consistent spinning routine can be so great that a tight diet can become virtually unnecessary.
Spinning for 60 minutes can often burn up to 1,100 calories depending on your level of intensity. 
Many women have heard about spinning but have held back due to lack of experience and some report being intimidated by those they see walking into a spin class.
Like anything in life there is a first time for anything and after 3-5 spinning sessions you will become addicted as the changes it can create with your body come quite fast.

There are numerous benefits to spinning including:
1) Burning calories
2) Building muscle tone
3) Low impact exercise
4) Stress relief
5) Increased cardio endurance
For those who prefer to work out in the privacy of their own home there are devices you can attach to your bicycle to achieve a similar effect. 
Spinning has been a favorite training tool of celebrity personal trainers as it yields amazing results in a short period of time. This fits very well into the busy schedules of super models and celebrities.
If you are looking for a quick way to lose weight without a tight clean diet then spinning is absolutely your solution. A clean diet and spinning together would offer more dramatic results but at the sacrifice of your nighttime activities.
Spin in the morning and let your body enjoy a fun filled evening out without caloric worries as a reward.

Start Small Dream Big!

JC Cavanaugh
CEO and Founder