Style Guide: This season’s most wanted skirts

Style guide: This season’s most wanted skirts

There are so many skirt types in fashion right now, from thigh-split,  high-waist to knitted minis. This is great for freshening up your wardrobe, but how are you meant to know how to perfectly style each type?

Here, I’ve brought together the most popular skirt styles and suggested the best ways to flaunt each one using shoes, accessories and a range of cute tops.

Maxi Skirt


The maxi skirt is a timeless female fashion piece like maxi  going out dresses. Long, floaty and fun; all body shapes look great in these skirts. But how do you perfectly flaunt it now?

Go for high thigh split if you are going to a birthday party or to a club. Pick a shiny fabric for disco vibes. Co-ord tops are obviously a must for a current look. For a super glam look pair it with a colourful or leopard print faux fur. You will embody the Studio 64 vibe perfectly. Finalize the  outfit with mood rings, hoop earrings, and sandals!

High-Waist Skirt 


For parties and going out for drinks, nothing gets you mentally and physically prepared than a high-waist, thigh split pencil skirt. A  co-ord crop top will transform instantly your party style. To look effortlessly glam  choose this skirt in a shiny -like silver- and stretchy fabric. Wear  a pair of cute sandals and bare legs.

Body Conscious Skirt



A body consious skirt is what you need when you have killer legs and curves. The key to rocking a body conscious skirt is making sure it fits perfectly. Looks good with a tan and a crop or sloutchy top.

Make your bodycon skirt as dressed up or down as you like. For a chic look create layers, go for an onversize sweater and shirt, for something more casual, try a graphic tee and cropped jacket.

 Denim skirt


The ultimate cool girl, casual-clothing staple. Every girl needs a cute denim skirt to get her by all year round. You can get these in a range of hem lengths and denim washes — so go with what you feel comfortable in.

A great way to flaunt the denim vibe in winter is keep it laid-back. Think casual, hoodies, knitwear, fun colors and quirky prints. Pair with a pair of high knee boots or sneakers and wear your hair in a messy bun and beach waves.

Knitted Co-ord skirt


Knitted co-ords are my favorite thing. The skirt and jumper combinations always look sophisticated -just make sure they aren’t too clingy and tight- yet they couldn’t be simpler to grab out of your wardrobe each morning. Go for nude colours if you want to keep it super sophisticated or go big with eye catching prints.

Back backs are a perfect match. Choose whether you want to rock flats and sneakers or add a pair of ankle boots, depending on the tone of the occasion. Keep jewelry to minimum.

 Accordion, mid-length skirt


The key to rocking an accordion skirt is making sure it fits perfectly. You want it to sit comfily at your waist, but also hang in a way that the pleats don’t look stretched. These skirts look great if you want to downplay bigger thighs and hips, as the pleats will create an illusion that slims down the lower half of your body.

Make your accordion skirt as dressed up or down as you like. For a chic look, go for a lingerie or cashmere top, for something more casual, try a graphic tee and cropped jacket.

Wrap  skirt


These skirt styles look amazing as they are  perfect for showing some leg without revealing too much. Create a cool office look with a graffic t-shirt and a fab belt. To make it more fierce wear a pair of comfy pumps or sandals.  Pull your hair back and be sure you will have a powerful meeting!

Whichever style you love get ready to see out the coming months with minimal thought and maximum style. Just enhance your favorite skirt style with these simple but effective skirt type tips.