Supermodel Body: Easy Guide for Choosing The Perfect Underwear


With the wide range of underwear choices, choosing the comfortable pieces can be difficult sometimes. Pinching, scratching and unflattering feeling indicates you have chosen the wrong type or size of your bra or briefs. All you need to do to prevent experiencing this uncomfortable feeling in the future, is to follow a few simple rules when buying underwear.

Put Your Comfort First

Your underwear must not cause any form of pain or discomfort, because those are all signs of a wrong type or shape of underwear. Considering it is the closest thing to your skin, it is essential for underwear to be comfortable. Design, features and benefits must always come before packaging, colour or brand. Just because it has the name of some famous designer written on it, does not mean you will feel good wearing it. If it is comfortable and fits well, you have got yourself a winner.

The Right Size is Essential


You should avoid any underwear that squashes, pulls, pinches, and make you feel unpleasant. Nobody really cares what size of underwear you are wearing, so do not try to fit in a size smaller just because you think you should. If the size is too small for you, it will show through to your clothes and it will look unflattering.

Appropriate bra size is essential because they should not make breasts fall out of it when you bend over. Moreover, they should not cause sagging, dig into the breast tissue or make the breasts flow over the top of the bra. Try on different tops, shapes, fabrics, every year and see which one fits you best.

When buying underpants, it is important to compare the hip and waist size to the size charts on the back of underwear. Always make sure there is no tugging across your derriere. Openings around leg and waist area should be snug but not binding, there should be no digging into the skin, and most importantly, crotch should be flat and smooth.

Quality Fabrics



If the fabric does not breathe, it is sweat inducing, scratchy and uncomfortable it can cause many hygienic problems. Thick fabrics may feel scratchy and look unattractive. The best fabric for women’s lingerie is definitely cotton. You can care for it very easily and it breathes well. Microfiber, Lycra, silk-feel nylons, cashmere, bamboo, high quality polyesters are some of the good fabric choices as well.

Writer: Gabriella Diesendorf