The Wow factor: Your Guide to the Ultimate 2014 lucky charms by Zoe Kompitsi

Tick-tock! The holiday countdown has begun! Still don’t know what to get for your beloved ones? Fear not! Find the ultimate guide to the coolest 2014 lucky charms by Zoe Kompitsi and get yourself and your beloved ones the gift that will put a smile on the face.

Hey fashionista girl! This one is for you! Party all night long with this limited edition pendant with a heavenly star always by your side!

I’ve already picked my lucky charm for 2014 by my girl Zoe Kompitsi. I’m into Latin numbering bracelet which I teamed up with another bracelet by Zoe, let’s have a genius arm party huh? ;)
For you girls who love to have balance in your life, to cleanse your aura and to protect yourselves from bad energy, the evil eye bracelet is made for you.
Wishing on a star! Give your best wishes and glam vibes to your besties with this amazing bracelet. They will definitely kick start the New Year with lots of glam and rock n’ roll.
Get your favorite 2014 lucky charm by Zoe Kompitsi at: 
Jet Black – kyprou 74 -glyfada – 210 8940115 - Feather – stratigi 5 – psychiko – 211 2141727 - Bettina – anagnostopoulou 29 -210 3392094 - Link – proxenou koromila 41 – thessaloniki – 2310220709