Welcoming fall like you know it all


After a long sunny summer, we’ve all been desperately waiting for some colder days and chillier nights. We anticipated summer with style and that’s what we need for winter. It is understood that winters are all about a lot of layering and covering up, but you can actually cover yourself up and still look chic. There are no such rules as dressing up like Santa for winters (Ok, Santas are cool but you’re not Santa and you don’t have to dress frumpy). Winter is all about staying warm and cozy, no matter what you wear. However, when going out on a winter shopping spree, you should know what trends are being followed and what colors are in for the season. Once you are aware of trends, now you can look for what is trendy and as per your taste and personal style aesthetics.

Here are a few winter model approved must haves that would help you look hot in the chilly winters and stay fashionably warm in the season.

Hats and beanies, for the win:


We love winter for it lets us choose a hat for every day. This winter, get some vibrant colored beanies and hats. This can help you add a punch of color to a boring and plain winter outfit. We saw how models on runway turned their black or monochromatic outfits, colorful by the addition of a colorful beanie. Keep up with this trend and invest on some pop of color beanies.


A faux fur trapper hat cannot just keep you warm and comfy but is also needed to keep you trendy. Get some cover up for your ears with a cute trapper hat in some blush colors.


While not many women are a fan of fedoras and floppy hats, we recommend you at least get one for this season and put some classy hat look whenever you can.

A very furry winter:

Who doesn’t love the furs, for they are warm, cozy and above all elegantly chic. Give your winter wardrobe a furry fix look real classy.


A faux fur vest or a coat with a bit of furry details can give you the layer of perfect warmth and elegance. This can be worn on an extreme chilly day without worrying about looking bad or catching the cold.


If you don’t want a fur coat you can always go for a fur cape or shawl to wear over an off shoulder evening gown. We suggest, have all kinds of furry and trendy accessories because leather and fur is the new hot in this cold season.


A fur snood can actually pimp up the overall look and can also be worn as a neck accessory when you don’t feel like wearing a necklace. You can wear them over a dressy jumpsuit or your plain pull over sweaters. Anything, you’ll wear it with will look flawless.

Loving the leather:

Like fur you’ll need a lot of leather in your winter wears. Leather is something that we all love and now is the time to show your love for leather in its true spirit. Pull out your leather jackets, coats, pants, boots, gloves. Get all you can get in leather to get that sleek leather look in the cold weather.

fedora-hat-model-off-duty-blogger-streetstyleLeather pants are something that can be perfectly rocked in winters. Like denims you can wear them anywhere and anytime you want. Invest in a good pair of leather pants to stay stylish.


A leather jacket is a staple piece for your wardrobe. You should own some good leather jackets if you call yourself a style diva. You can layer your casual or semi-formal outfits with a leather jacket and look glam.



We all know winters are not complete without leather boots. These are like a definite winter must wear and must have. Get a nice pair of leather boots both knee high and ankle length to wear every day.

This was a quick and easy round up of some of the essential winter accessories. You can add more to prep up for winter. Dressing up all depends on your personal style sense and how you carry it. Stay warm and stylish this winter.

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